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Easter weekend at Gouritsmond – more of the town [3]

Saturday, 4 May, 2013

By PG Jonker

Part 3 of 3

Church on Easter Sunday.

KerkGouritsmond is a quiet place.  The kind of place where one can move to for the final stretch.  OK, except maybe for one more move.

Nis muurIt is a cold weekend, with very few people on the beach.

Gourits strandBut, of course, nothing comes in the way of a true fisherman.

vissermanneThere are clear notice boards, even for those who cannot read.

waarskuwingsbordjiesThe mouth of the Gourits river looks wild.

Die mondA few vasbyters braved the cold in the caravan park.  I must say, it was really unpleasantly cold, and could not have been nice in a tent or caravan.


And then, it becomes time to go home.

Maak volFill her up, mate.