About PG

I have the habit of keeping diary of family holidays and tours.  For some time I also tried to keep my friends who emigrated entertained with stories from home.  It’s not the kind of stuff that you can really publish, simply because there exist no genre for it.  So I have decided to create this blog (quite frankly, I’ve been forced into this, but that’s another story). 

Just to make it easier for regular visitors, I will change the banner picture every time I put new stories on, so you can know.

My brother, Johnie, has joined in the fun with postings to appear under the index heading “Johnie’s Journal”.  For more info on Johnie, click on the page “Johnie’s Journal.”

If you can read Afrikaans you can also have a look at the postings on my Litnet blog.  Sedert ek hierdie blog begin het, het die aard daarvan meer verander na reisvertellings, so ek sit my Afrikaanse twakpraatjies nou op die Litnet blog.  Van die reise het ek ook in Afrikaans op ‘n aparte Litnet blog onder die naam AfrikaNerd.

PG Jonker