The Whale Trail Hike – Part 2

Day 2 & 3

Day 2: Cupidoskraal to Noetsie

According to the map provided, this hike would be “15.2 km – moderate approx. 8 hours”.

Cape Nature’s map:

Map with day one’s elevation

We did an earlier start at 08h00.  We left behind the containers to be collected and taken to our next destination.  I must say, I’m not sure how you do a five day hike carrying all those stuff plus foodstuffs along.

Slack pack 70 liter boxes

This route also started with a very steep incline, but not going as high as the first day.

Ducks in a row

Once on top of Hamerkop (453m) a chilly wind is blowing from the north.


Here too, species are found that grows only on this spot.  The variety is vast.


From Hamerkop, we could set our sights on our destination:  Noetsie.


Viewed from below, Hamerkop has many shades of green.

Shades of Green

Eventually, by 15h00, we spotted our hut down below.  And it is something to behold.

Destination Noetsie

The hut overlooks the sea.  The kitchen has a stoep with a view to the west (the direction we would be heading the next morning) and the braai room faces south.  It is an absolute marvellous sight.


Day 3: Noetsie to Hamerkop

The 8,5km for today is described as “difficult”.   The reason being a constant series of ups and downs, the highest thereof being a spike of 96m. 

Map and day 3 elevation

At Noetsie we have seen some dolphins, and again along the way and beyond Vaalkrans.  The route is a track on the cliffs from where one looks down on the sea.  The information pack provided, warned against going too close to the edges or attempt to climb down the cliffs. 

Over the next two days we also saw a number of African Oystercatchers (also known as Swart Tobies, although my Latin friends call them haematopus moquini for short).  They were not good at posing for the camera, and I could not get a picture of any of them.  As a consolation prize I did get their footprints, though.  (If you are not impressed, I will understand.)

Swart Tobie footprints

In the cliffs beneath there are numerous caves.

Cave inspection

A definite highlight of the day was Stilgat, about halfway to Hamerkop.


A lot of trouble went into building flights of stairs down to the pool.  Actually, a series of pools.  Some members of the team did a swim.


We had our lunch at Stilgat, whereafter we headed out for Hamerkop hut where we arrived just after two.  Once again, a special setting, and special accommodation.

Hamerkop hut

Part 3 follows – see link below


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