In the shadows of Table Mountain

The Gardens in Cape Town. 

At the upper end of the Gardens is the Iziko Museum.

Chipmunks and doves abound.  The doves’ sanitation arrangements pose a bit of a problem at times.  Fortunately chipmunks cannot fly.

Nearby is the old Green Market Square, surrounded by old buildings from the colonial era – and a few newer ones.

Colours for Africa


And for good measure, a quick visit to the new Cape Town stadion, with some supporters showing their colours for the Soccer World Cup – a bit late, though.


One Response to “In the shadows of Table Mountain”

  • Truly impressive,those beautiful photographs. The similarity, between the various natives of this continent of North ,central and South America, cannot be denied. They’re artistry is equally as beautiful and again quite similar. Thoroughly enjoyed them. T.U. Sorina from the other continent