Cape Town Cable Car

Have mountain.

Want to go up the mountain.  Now one can walk.  But a disconcerting number of people that I read about in the papers that walk up Table Mountain have to be brought back in an emergency helicopter.  Now I’m all for a flip in a chopper, but maybe not quite as a patient.  So we opted for the cable car.

The waiting takes a while.  At the lower cable station it was a quiet 26° Celcius.  Some of the girls took the opportunity to get rid of (most of their) clothes and catch a tan.  Sorry, no picture of that. 

OK, mom, I’ll check out the route, you just relax.

Yeah, right.

Eventually we got on the cable car.  Not to do if you are scared of people, confined places or heights.

Or, uhm, did I mention heights?

Better look up.

On terra firma again you can go walk about. 

Robben Island viewed from above.

Table Bay

Le’me see, le’me see!

Now what’s the name of that movie again….?

Funny, it just does not look as charming from this angle.



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