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Sunday, 22 February, 2015

We recently had the privilege of being able to slip away from home for the weekend.  We booked a self catering unit at Kariza guest house  in Yzerfontein.

Yzer Map

Arriving at Yzerfontein we first attended at the SPAR to get the necessary goodies for the weekend.  As I got out of my car, I was immediately approached by a vendor who sold leather belts.  I suspect this is an eventuality that befalls anyone who stops there with any registration other than CK.  The vendor introduced himself as Robert, but hastened to add “not Mugabe.”   Fortunately I had my belt on and could show Robert a convincing reason why I would not be interested in his belts.

Robert clearly was not to be easily convinced.  He could see I had a belt on, but his is kudu leather, no less.  I should not pass up the opportunity to buy one of his kudu leather belts.  “Ask me how much,” Robert invited me.

I’m a sucker for convincing sales people.  But this time I decided I will stand firm and not let myself be bamboozled into a sale (which it would be, rather than a purchase) of something I do not want, regardless of how cheap it might be.  Apart from previous bad experiences at the hands of a Zambian, and Israeli and a con man  respectively, I thought I might try to impress my wife by not budging.

So in the end I did not ask Robert for the price of his belts, nor did I buy one.  And I can sincerely say it had nothing to do with him being named Robert.  I mean, there are mos some very upstanding Roberts in our world.  I’m thinking Mcbride, Leibrandt, Sobukwe, just to name a few mos.

Anyway,  we eventually arrived at Kariza.


The welcome note left us in no doubt that we were at the right place.


The purpose of the weekend was for my wife to work on her writing, and for me to catch up a bit on my reading.  So the setting was perfect.


From my bed I could see Dassen Island in the distance.


Slightly to the left Table Mountain was visible in the far distance.


Well, we put the weekend to good use.  Sitting on the stoep even saw a chick or two passing through.


We interrupting our reading and writing respectively with braai and eating.



And as I was taught at school to end an essays:  a good time was had by us.…