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One Trick Donkeys

Wednesday, 10 December, 2014

OK, maybe they have more tricks up their sleeves.  But I witnessed only the one.  The one where Gloria and Poppy carried our picnic stuff over the Polka Hills farmlands.

In the winelands between Kuilsriver and Stellenbosch, Swiss born Luca and Ingrid Bein run a private wine cellar which they feed from 2,2 hectares of Merlot grapes.


Source:  Map data ©2014 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google

The farm is situated on the Polkadraai (Polka turn) road.   The road used to be the road connecting Kuilsriver and Stellenbosch.  The Polkadraai was a notorious bend in the road claiming many a not so sober student victim.  It still is a notorious bend, but it has since been bypassed with a dual carraige way going pretty straight now.  The road is still known as Polkadraai, though.

Luca and Ingrid’s wine making is a rather scientific affair, making use of precision viticulture.  No, I have not idea what it is either, but it sounds mighty grand.  From what I understand it includes having arial pictures taken of the vinyard in red and infra red range,  from which they can judge the performance of the grapes, resulting in them being able to bottle four distinct Merlot’s from these 2,2 hectares.

But what Luca and Ingrid also do, is to take groups on a donkey walk picnic.

Setting off from the cellar, you walk about five kilometers through the scenic vineyards of some of the Polka draai farms, with the donkeys Gloria and Poppy carrying all the goodies for the picnic.

Polkadraai heuwels

Source:  Map data ©2014 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google

Ingrid and Gloria

False Bay viewThe notorious Polkadraai.


At the picnic spot the donkeys are unloaded.

Eseltjies rus

The blankets are put out.

Komberse uit

And the table set.

Tafel gedek

In between our hosts give some running commentary on the scene, the production of wine, and other interesting facts.

Ingrid & Luca

Then you do picnic.

And taste their wines.

Bein Merlot

And have a nice time.

Whilst tasting their wines.

The donkeys have a rest.


And then, much later, you walk back to the cellar where you started off.  However, the route is planned so that the stretch back to the cellar after the picnic is down hill and very short.

The wall in the cellar displays proof of the Bein’s wine making acumen.




O, and don’t forget:  don’t mess with the donkey’s parking space, nuh.