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The case for bull bars

Sunday, 18 March, 2012

I have often wondered about the frontal accessories on off-roading vehicles.

There seems to be quite a variation of these. Nudge bars, bull bars, whole rebuilt frontal areas, bull bars with cradles for whinches. It seems like a science on its own.

Visiting websites that specialises in 4×4 accessories I found that you get custom made variations for most makes currently on the road. I must concede, some of these stuff really looks cool. Imagine how I could have been the talk of the town in Windhoek during my national service years if I could have had one of these nudge bars on my 1979 Mazda 323. It would have gone nicely with the fur on my dash.

Aah! My fur! Sorry for interrupting myself, but on the topic of accessories: I remember the night I lost the fur on my dash. On the N7, just outside Garies, about three-o-clock in the morning, heading home after clearing out of the army I had to stop to take a leak. I also used the opportunity to check and adjust the windsurfer on my roof, where my fur was temporarily doing service to cushion my then most prized possession – the windsurfer was worth more than my car. Arriving home on the West Coast, though, my fur was gone. Gone with the wind, I assume.

But that was 24 years ago, so don’t go looking for it.

Anyway, back on the topic of bull bars. I’m told you can’t just slap a bull bar on to your vehicle. You need to take into account the potential effect it may have on the deployment (or not) of airbags.

The weight might affect your front shock absorbers.

Apart from that, though, the most negative aspect listed for the case against fitting bull bars is the effect it may have on the pedestrian or vehicle on the receiving end of the bull bar.

I pondered upon these things upon acquiring a second-hand Venture bus years ago. This Venture sported a nice bull bar with custom made fittings for spotlights. Only, someone took the spotlights.  It looked pretty macho, which is probably one of the reasons why this accessory is fitted by some (guys like me).

Being aware of the detrimental effect that my bull bar may have on anyone or anything that I may bump into, I made a point of refraining from doing this.

Then, on a trip into some rugged terrain with the Venture I became a convert for the case of bull bars. It turned out to be a really usefull accessory. Take my advice. You should not even think twice about it. If you do some off roading, of even only slightly off the beaten track, do fit one to your car.

I mean, really, where else will you hang your towels to dry.