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It was a beautiful morning at Brittania Bay.  The water was extremely low.  We are loafing around, enjoying the sun and the water.  More the looks of the water than the feel of it.  The West Coast water is reputedly chilly, even in summer.

 A few young men arrive with a jet ski on a trailer behind a Mazda bakkie.  They reverse the Jet Ski in the water to offload it.  Because of the water being so low they have to go in rather deep just to get to the water. 

Soon the Jet Ski is up and running, and taken for a spin just to check that everything is working fine.  Everything is working fine.

In the meantime it appears that the water has just reached its lowest point, and the tide started to turn.  The young men later realise they should better move their Mazda to higher ground.  But now there is a slight problem.  The bakkie is bogged down in the sand with the trailer still hitched, which does not make things any easier. 

 I jog over to my bakkie to assist in the recovery, but get beaten to it by a guy in a Landrover Defender.  I contribute my brand new 3-tons breaking power rope for the occasion. 

 The chap in the Landrover tells met this is a kinetic strap.  I inform him that it is not the case.  No, trust me, it is a kinetic strap, he insists.  Not wanting to get involved in an argument I leave it there.  The recovery is approached by the guy in the Landrover as if it is a kinetic strap.  I wince with every attempt.

 I know nothing about recovery, but I have read before in Andrew St Pierre White’s book that it is a good plan to open the bonnet of the vehicle being recovered, just in case the recovery vehicle’s tow bar might come off.  As the rope is indeed hitched to the tow bar of the Landrover I open the Mazda’s bonnet, just for in case.

 After a number of attempts the Mazda is still right where it was when we started the recovery.  The trailer is now unhitched to lighten the load.  The Landrover tries again, but also starts to get bogged down.

 Then, by a happy coincidence, the next attempt by the Landrover coincides with a large wave that lifts the Mazda’s rear wheels from the sand and sets the Mazda adrift, and whala!  The Mazda is out. 

 I assume this is why they call it a Drifter?


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  • Nou dit laat jou dink! Mooi storie vir ‘n mooi dag