Day trip – Boland and Klein Karoo

Well, actually a two-day trip.

Durbanville McGreggor Montagu

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We set out for Montagu on the Saturday morning and decided to go have a look what’s happening at Franschhoek.

On this morning Franschhoek sported French names, French restaurants, French flags, French berets, French rugby or soccer jerseys, pretty much everything French but French itself.   Or maybe there might have been a few Francophones, I just haven’t heard any of them.  The reason for this French extravagance was the Bastille Festival held over two days.

The history of Franschhoek dates back to the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in France in 1685 in terms whereof Protestantism was outlawed.  Some 277 Huguenots fled France, and were given land by the Dutch government in the Cape after their arrival there.

Once a year Franschhoek celebrates the Bastille Festival .  And this was that weekend.  [Vir ‘n effense ander blik op hierdie uitstappie in Afrikaans.]

We were fortunate to arrive early enough to get a nice seat at a side-walk café to have a morning coffee.  The athmosphere was festive.

Being en route to another destination we did  not spend much time here.  Better luck next year.  We’ve been there long enough, though, to sit and watch the first marching band coming through town, right in front of us.

Taking some back roads we managed to escape a by then rather busy town to go over the Franschhoek pass, leading to Villiersdorp.  Franschhoek makes a wonderful sight looking down from the pass.

Outside Robertson is the Affieplaas Padstal.  For years I have driven past this road stall, but never got around to stopping to take a picture of these blokes.  Today I had time.


Next destination, McGregor.  The area drew the first farmers in the late 1700’s.  Only in 1862 was a town proclaimed and by 1905 all plots had been sold to 19 owners.  The town is pretty much a road to nowhere, so there is no traffic passing through.

Arriving at McGregor we tried to get a bit of a feel for the town.  I found the corner of the town (literally).

This was an elevated spot from which I could overlook downtown McGregor.

From there we moved on for lunch at Tebaldi’s.  The restaurant is situated in a part of town where the whole block appears to have been converted in a sanctuary where you can do meditation, swim, eat, stay over, or do whatever peaceful activity takes your fancy.

The street lamps struck me.

The town was very quiet.  I did notice, though, that the police appears to be actively keeping it that way with the patrol van doing its rounds probably twice in the time we were there.  I do not believe they would establish an emergency response unit for this town soon.

After lunch we took the road back to Robertson as we came.  I noticed that Robertson also advertises their “Slow Festival” coming up soon.  It is a food and wine festival with the catch phrase “slowly made, slowly enjoyed”.  Well, I guess any excuse for a festival should do.


Our destination was Montagu.  We visit there often, but this was the first time we stayed in a guest house in town.

Aasvoëlkrans offered rather nice accommodation.

Our suite overlooking a horse pen.

Judging from the guest book it will appear that a great many German tourits find their way to this guest house.

A great breather of a weekend, within 180km’s of home.


2 Responses to “Day trip – Boland and Klein Karoo”

  • Noticed that the horses are of a much smaller type, could they be related to the “Palaminos” or the Caballos the Paso”, South American horses of a smaller breed? Beautiful place to spent a peaceful holiday. A perfect spot, to stop and smell the roses. S.J

  • These horses do endurance racing. They would be Arabian, or some cross-breed with Arabian horses.