Magic Klein Karoo

On a farm outside Montagu.

It is a mountainous area, with magnificent views.

Other things also amuses small minds.

Water is sourced from a natural spring.   Pretty remote, and it takes some planning to get to the spring.  So the farmer decided to make a road to get there.

Not quite your ordinary road.  And albeit a road, it would be life threatening traversing it with a vehicle without low range.

The road takes you down into a ravine. 

Here water comes from a rock.  Unlike Moses there is no need to hit the rock.  You just scrape away the moss, and out comes the water.

From there you walk a distance to get to the spring.  Well, not really to the spring, but to a pool into which the spring deposits its water.

On your way there you find some interesting rock formations.

And more.

Looking back.

And then you find this pool between the rocks.  At the far end where the water comes in, moss has made it a slippery slide.  Once you let go, you have no control.  Gravity takes over.

Careful, grandpa, let me hold your hand.

And then back up again.


3 Responses to “Magic Klein Karoo”

  • Yis, dis regtig besonders. Daardie bergpoel was seker vrek koud.

    Pragtige foto’s.


  • Nogals was dit toe nie so koud nie. Ek vermoed die bron mag dalk effe warm wees, want tsv die feit dat die poel groot dele van die dag in die koelte is was dit glad nie koud nie – anders sou ek nooit daar afgegely het nie! PGJ

  • These photographs are beautiful, something that should be shared with all tourist centres. The spouts of water in the recent photographs, are they from geysers, Little do we know about South Afrika, wish I was there. Sorina from a beautiful Britisch Columbia.